Problems on Nvidia Drivers

The graphics cards for my laptop are Intel HD 3000 + Nvidia GT 540M. I have installed bumblebee, to be able to use the discrete graphics card when necessary.

However, since the official release of Linux kernel 3.13, I can never load my Nvidia driver, which could work well in previous 3.12 kernel and 3.13 RC kernel. I do not know about programming, so I cannot figure out what are the changes in the source code, which causes the crash of Nvidia driver, in final release of 3.13 kernel.

At the beginning, when I run the command optirun, it told me there is undefined symbol in glamor module. After a search on the Internet, I found that when bumblebee is enabled, this module should not be loaded. I am using Gentoo, so I set -glamor USE flag for xf86-video-intel. Unfortunately, Nvidia driver still can’t work. Then I checked dmesg output, found some error messages, searched them on the Internet, and the results told me such error is caused by ACPI HANDLER in Linux kernel. However, when I was compiling Nvidia driver, I had already applied the corresponding patch. Seems that this is a dead end.

At the moment, I think I have only two choices. One is to give up the closed source Nvidia driver, and use open source nouveau + Intel drivers from Linux kernel. Good news is, since Linux 3.13, open source drivers could dynamically turn on or turn off the discrete graphics card. Or, I have to fall back to Linux 3.12 kernel.

It seems not practical to make the Nvidia driver work while tracking the latest Linux kernel, and now I can understand why Arch Linux has not introduced Linux 3.13 kernel yet.

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