Funtoo Supports Gnome 3.12 Now

With almost half an year’s working on debugging and porting, now Funtoo has offered “official” support for gnome 3.12.

However, Daniel Robbins insists on using OpenRC instead of systemd. So we can not use systemd on Funtoo (at the moment). And also, because of some issue in ABI_X86 (not sure), I cannot emerge fcitx from gentoo-zh overlay.

In my feelings, Funtoo’s portage became unstable since last September. There are many broken package when I try to emerge them. That’s why I wiped my Funtoo box last year, and finally I get back to Gentoo. Now seems the right time to wipe Funtoo again.

BTW, my laptop has 1TB*3 HDDs now. However, I do not want to multi-boot several OSes, and also I do not want to use Windows any more. Now I am considering between Gentoo and FreeBSD. It’s really difficult for me to make a choice.

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