Bioshock Infinite Landing on Linux

When I check my game library on steam days ago, I found that Bioshock Infinite had landed on Linux too. However, there are data packs only, we still need to wait for the binary executable.

2K published a lot of its games onto Linux this year, such as Borderlands series (Borderlands 1 excluded), Civilization V, and XCOM series. Unfortunately, Rockstar, the subsidiary under Take-Two Interactive, has no plan to port their Grand Theft Auto series to Linux. I will not call 2K as consciousness of industry (because their boss discriminates against China), however, I still want to raise a thumb for them.

A lot of Euramerican game vendors are porting their games to Linux this year (thanks to Valve), which is really a good news for game players such as me. Of course, we can never count on those Japanese vendors. They even sniff at PC/Windows platforms, and Linux is nothing at all in their eyes.

At least, we can stop playing indie games all the day now, though a lot of indie games are even better than those famous games.

In future, I hope Euramerican game vendors such as EA, Ubisoft, and Blizzard, as well as Japanese games vendors (TecmoKoei, Capcom) would also pay attention to Linux platform. Linux is more than geek toy.

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