Some Recent Events

It has been a long time since my last post, so I would like to make some conclusion for the past month.

1. Position transfer, again

Actually, the development group does not fit me. I do not know any programming after all. To be honest, it is boring to work as demand analysis and technical support. There was a change for me to move to other department, so I made my decision with no hesitation.

However, we are still in the same office room. Now I am still in the transitional period, and sometimes I will catch one and lose the other.

2. The new laptop

My previous laptop has served me four years, and it is time to retire. I think this new laptop will serve me another four years.

However, I am not interested in Windows, so it is still running Gentoo only. It is a pity that it has only two SATA interfaces. Otherwise I can take the HDDs from my previous laptop, without reinstalling Gentoo.

The previous laptop is running FreeBSD only, and I will maintain it periodically.

I also bought a bluetooth mouse, and fixed the bluetooth issue in Gentoo.

3. My son’s 100 day birth

It has been more than three months since his birth. I have a lot of feelings when I see his growth day by day. I think I will spend more time on him in future. I even did not touch my gaming consoles for months.

4. Re-birth of my personal Gentoo overlay

I did not have much time to submit the update, so I forgot to backup some of the new ebuilds. They are gone.

I wrote some of these new ebuilds these days. However, I did not test them much, and they may fail to merge.

In addition, I want to maintain my own kernel ebuild, with BFS, BFQ, tuxonice, cjktty, UKSM, aufs, and Gentoo patch sets intergrated. After all, I failed. So this plan will be ignored.

OK, that’s all.