• Apr. 2015: Migrated my blog from WordPress to Jekyll+Bootstrap, thanks to Havee‘s template
  • Aug. 2014: Completely wiped Windows and BSD, leaving Linux only
  • Jan. 2013: Built WordPress, MediaWiki, Piwigo services
  • Dec. 2012: Purchased domain name and VPS, built my own website
  • Nov. 2010: Built my blog on Netease
  • Jun. 2010: Tried OpenBSD, NetBSD and DragonFly BSD
  • Sep. 2009: Turning to Gentoo
  • Apr. 2009: Started learning FreeBSD
  • Oct. 2008: First contact with Arch, but I did not use it afterall
  • Mar. 2008: Started using OpenSuSE instead of Ubuntu
  • Sep. 2007: First contact with Linux, and Ubuntu was my first distribution