I’ve got the last two HDDs for my laptop today, which meets my final needs on HDD. Then I installed OpenBSD again, although I left it aside for a long time already.

There are a lot of changes in OpenBSD 5.4, including Intel KMS and 3D accelerations. However, my Microsoft Mobile Wireless Mouse 3500 does not work under this version of OpenBSD. And also, my laptop will freeze when it boots into OpenBSD, so I have to disable ACPI in OpenBSD kernel.

After all these versions through the years, I feel that the desktop experience is not as good as that in earlier versions. Of course, desktop is never OpenBSD’s purpose. I still remember my first version of OpenBSD - 4.7. At the beginning, I cannot adapt myself to it, however, gnome2 desktop is really awesome. Then, version 5.0 is the best version I’ve ever used, everything went smoothly.

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I have put my eyes on ZoL (ZFS on Linux) project for almost one year. At the beginning, I feel excited because now we can use ZFS as Linux rootfs, but now, I do not think it is reliable.

Compared with other operating systems which can also use ZFS as rootfs (such as FreeBSD, OpenIndiana, Nexenta and so on), ZoL project seems to fall behind on both stability and porting works. Typically, when you use ZFS as your Linux rootfs, a simple kernel upgrade would make your whole system not bootable. Moreover, you cannot import your zpool because ZoL does not support your new kernel yet. Linux kernel is under fast developing and releasing, ZoL cannot always catch up the Linux kernel. Sometimes, there are even API changes in new kernel versions, which make things worse. Currently, there are only a few LiveCDs which contains ZFS kernel module. So, if your Linux failed to boot, you cannot recover it soon.

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OpenBSD 5.4 will be released soon. Now the packages have been uploaded to OpenBSD’s ftp site.

When I browsed the ftp directory, I found gnome 3.8! It’s true, and there is also gnome-shell of the same version 3.8. This is really incredible!

As what I know, even in Gentoo, since portage maintainers are unable to remove systemd dependency of gnome 3.8, they have to leave it there. Funtoo is even more conservative, they are still masking gnome 3.8, and the default gnome version is 3.6, the same reason as above. So the case is, if you want to use gnome 3.8 in Gentoo, you need to forget Gentoo’s OpenRC. However, I really love OpenRC, because it’s simple and easy to manage. Also, since systemd requires cgroup in Linux kernel, it would be Linux-only.

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In quite a long time, I did not publish any new posts in this blog, because I mainly focus on my Chinese language blog (my native language).

However, I think I really should keep this blog more alive now. Let’s say this is under the consideration of internationalization. In future, when I publish new posts, I may publish them to both my Chinese blog and this blog. Also, I may share some other posts in my Chinese blog which have not been published here.

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In previous post, I introduced how to install FreeBSD to ZFS. Now I discover another layout for FreeBSD’s ZFS root. Most of the parts are the same as previous ones. There are only a few differences.

Harware environment
Asus N73SV Notebook
CPU:Intel Core i7 2630QM

Installation media

Installation media preparation
Download FreeBSD-9.1-RELEASE-amd64-memstick.img, and burn it into your USB flash disk.

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